During his 30+ years’ career in education, Ben Coombes went from humble Gap Student to to Head, before finally leaving the classroom to found IWeYou – a revolutionary performance management consultancy. Aimed at promoting outstanding performance in individuals, education and business, through ensuring effective communication be it between staff, with external stakeholders, children, or parents. No matter what your business, Ben’s performance management is guaranteed to improve effectiveness. 

The founding principle of is that communication is the key to outstanding performance. IWeYou compromises of a wide range of experts able to help deliver education for staff in all forms of communication within the business , developing a corporate approach for the brand and business. As an educationalist first and foremost, Ben understands the challenges of working with staff to develop outstanding improvement, and with the support of corporate experts, creates bespoke solutions in line with brand expectations.

Please email ben@iweyou.org for further details.