Time to reset?

I may be risking a fresh onslaught from yet another Greek labelled virus but, despite a resurgence in recorded infection levels, it does looks as if the general direction is towards learning to live with Covid and returning to a new version of what is normal.

School Heads should soon be able to move forward from managing daily crises to taking a lead in resetting their school’s direction and objectives. This will mean an assessment of the impact of the past two years on staff morale and the ability of leadership groups to motivate a battered teaching body and refresh their efforts. None of this will be made easy by continued pressure on operating margins at a time when staff will be looking for help to meet their own higher domestic living costs.

So far, so depressing, but there are ways to take a grip on this and they need not involve damage to your budget. Our own work with school leadership teams has shown just how much value there is in simply setting aside time to talk with your team to get their views and suggestions for the way forward.   Just doing this will show your colleagues that you are on the case, that you recognise there are lessons to be learned and are willing to listen to their ideas. The key word here is ‘recognise’ – it’s the first of our Five Steps to Recovery to be found on our website at  IWeYou.org. 

Take a look – it may give you some ideas to help to reset your organisation as we move into Summer term.  Our best wishes for a wonderful Easter holiday.


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