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A recent Sunday Times article reports that parents can now expect boarding school fees in the region of £50,000. Most Heads and especially their Bursars will readily understand the pressures on costs that underpin increases in fees and  especially so after a torrid period when reserves will have been depleted by the effects of Covid.

Affordability will be problematic for many parents, of course, and this will make them ever more conscious of the value they get for their investment. 

Our experience shows that customers ( for that is what they are) place more value on the quality of their relationship with schools then they do in heavy investment in grand buildings and other facilities.

It’s rather like Hertzberg’s old Hygiene factors and Motivators theory – if  communication and consultation are seen as Motivators and a new Sports Hall is a Hygiene factor, you will get the drift. 

The good news is that money invested in improving customer satisfaction will be exponentially more effective in pupil and staff recruitment and retention than digging deep into reserves or increasingly expensive borrowings only to add to your annual depreciation charge .


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