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A brief history ……..

IWeYou was founded by Ben Coombes who believed that schools would benefit from more integrated support than that provided by traditional and tactical Inset training. He therefore set out to provide personal coaching and management development consultancy based on a lifetime’s experience in education.

Paul Evans had developed a unique programme for schools based on his international experience in customer care and this element of his business was merged into IWeYou in 2018.

Together, Ben and Paul have since supported independent schools throughout the UK and built an impressive, quantifiable track record of performance improvement from their special blend of educational and commercial best practice.

Ben Coombes

Ben spent 30+years working in education going for humble gap student to Head. IWeYou was born from his realisation that there was a gap in the education and training market for a consultancy providing the training that schools actually need (not just what they are told they need!).

Paul Evans

Paul Evans has devoted his career to ensuring excellent customer service in the luxury brands. Working with clients all over the world, Paul specialises in ensuring that the communications strategy accurately reflects the brand ethos, which in turn ensures exceptional brand loyalty.

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