How Prospero will help you

Prospero provides Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help you to decide where best to focus your marketing budget. The full version of Prospero will also show you the enquiry rates from each area of your marketing spend and allow you to compare your performance against national averages.

The key to all management information is that it should be used to manage your business. Unlike financial accounts and information produced solely for reports, KPIs will provide easy to understand, practical, relevant and timely data to help you to make management decisions.

Some areas where you can use the data provided by Prospero are:

  • Reports for Governors’ meetings and to support requests for additional budget
  • SMT meetings
  • Annual Budgets
  • Annual Marketing Plan
  • Inset training for all staff
  • Demonstration of the ‘Sales Funnel’ to show how all staff have a responsibility within the overall prospecting and sales plan

Prospero – helping you to improve your marketing effectiveness

Take the data from your last full school year and enter into the table below. You will then see the national averages and be able to measure your performance against other schools in the independent sector. Please note that your data is not retained by us and that the process is entirely confidential to you.

Cost Effectiveness

Conversion Rate

This is just a sample of what Prospero can do for you. The full service also provides information on the efficiency of the main elements in your marketing mix to allow you to refine the way in which you allocate your budget. We will be very happy to talk this through with you so please use the link below to set up a call when we can also explain costs and the special introductory offer which is available until 31 August 2022.

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