New website

We hope you like our new website.

Much thought, debate and the (very) occasional flash of inspiration has gone into how we present ourselves. We thought that it was time to retire our old website and present a new look and feel to better set out how we can help all of you battling away in the front line of school management. Especially at a time when that has never been more complex and challenging.

Paul and I have spent much time debating what we should include and how we can best present it. Above all we are concerned to show that we do understand the pressures and continuously shifting daily (even hourly) priorities that fill every minute of your day right now.

However difficult it may seem, now is the time to plan for a pandemic – free future and hopefully you will see that we can make a contribution to that. For instance, we’re excited to provide a free, quick fill extract from Prospero, our tool to help you manage your marketing effort.

Morale and motivation has become a major issue for all schools and our 5 Rs to Recovery programme will be sure to give you some ideas for leading your team into a better future.

We both look forward to sharing our ideas with you and helping your school to grow bigger and better.


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